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Navy Loro Piana Raincoat

Product Information

A single breasted raincoat produced in connection with Loro Piana. Made with 100% waterproof fabric treated with Loro Piana's Storm System. 

Loro Piana Storm System

Storm System®, first launched in 1994, is Loro Piana’s registered trademark for natural fabrics, which have been made totally weatherproof by combining raw materials with the most advanced technology. Twenty years of research and experimentation has gone into developing increasingly ground-breaking formulas, using state-of-the-art technology to respond to the needs of active customers. The result is Loro Piana’s unique innovation, which ensures that even the finest and most exceptional fibres can be crafted into elegant yet functional all-wear garments that still keep their original look and feel. 
Storm System® provides the wearer with versatile, comfortable outerwear that is warm yet light and flexible, suitable for confronting any weather and climate with style.

On the reverse side of the fabric are Loro Piana’s exclusive, hydrophilic membranes, which are resistant to both water and wind, therefore helping to maintain the ideal body temperature. The membranes are extremely light and perfectly breathable; any water produced by perspiration is wicked outwards, while external moisture is prevented from entering. 

Their flexible and resilient qualities, along with absolute transpirability, ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement, regardless of weather conditions.


Tapped Seams

Taping seams aids the waterproofing process of clothing: ordinary needle stitching leaves holes in the garment through which water can seep when conditions are damp; taped seams, however, prevent this from happening. Every seam produced creates hundreds of needle holes through which water can naturally pass. Applying copper tape seals the seams to keep moisture from passing through; it also has the added benefit of preventing the cold from permeating.

Fabric: Loro Piana Storm System
Lining: Tapped Seams
Country of Manufacture: England

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