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Dark Lovat Moleskin Bomber Jacket

Product Information

Our versatile bomber jacket made from super soft brushed cotton moleskin with a Eco-seam water resistance fabric finish. 
Sporting real horn buttons, two internal stud fastening pockets and two external patch style pockets with flaps and side entry. 
ECOSEAM fabric has been developed by Nobel Prize winning scientists. Not only is it waterproof, the state-of-the-art technology has also revolutionized the world of textiles by eradicating the use of environmentally harmful resins, oils and chemicals, making it 100% eco-friendly.
The ECOSEAM fabric can be applied to any textiles to bestow water resistant properties, even to materials that are traditionally very light, such as linen.
Moleskin is a wonderfully comfortable, tough and hard-wearing cotton fabric that is as durable as leather but soft as velvet to the touch.
Moleskin fabric made from 100% cotton embodies the endurance and tradition of the rugged lifestyle for which it was created. First developed in medieval Europe, the cloth was worn by both farmers and sporting gentry alike – it offers warmth, protection and comfort in varied conditions.
Like corduroy, moleskin has a softer brushed nap that is very wind resistant.  Though the pleasant feel of the fabric seems like a luxury, this sheared pile actually protects the surface from abrasion and wear. This texture resembles suede or the downy coat of the mole, its namesake.
Design Number: JKT114
Fabric: Moleskin
Lining: Eco - Seam

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