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Charcoal Ventile Raincoat

Product Information

A single breasted cotton raincoat, handmade using 100% cotton Ventile. It is both 100% waterproof and breathable. The perfect raincoat for any individual and fit for all occasions  



Riri Zip
Riri is an Italian-based zip manufacturer. Founded in 1936, it is one of the leading zip manufacturers in the world.
Riri zips are known for their supreme quality, setting them apart from other inferior zips on the market. As well as a high-quality feel, Riri zips have a polished finish allowing for a smooth experience.
The story of Ventile began in 1943, when Winston Churchill requested specific clothing be made to protect our RAF pilots in WWII. The fabric was intended to be worn in an aircraft cockpit, so needed to be warm and breathable but also waterproof. Indeed, the invention of Ventile meant that 80% of the unfortunate airmen who ended up in the sea would survive.
To this day, the fabric is still made in the UK at the company’s Manchester factory.
The unique properties make it an ideal fabric for explorers; perhaps most famously it was worn by Sir Ranulph Fiennes when he crossed the Arctic.
Grown sustainably, it is the world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile; simply the best choice for durability, reliability and all-round performance – for luxury that lasts like no other.
Tapped Seams
Taping seams aids the waterproofing process of clothing: ordinary needle stitching leaves holes in the garment through which water can seep when conditions are damp; taped seams, however, prevent this from happening. Every seam produced creates hundreds of needle holes through which water can naturally pass. Applying copper tape seals the seams to keep moisture from passing through; it also has the added benefit of preventing the cold from permeating.
Design Number: COA25_4
Fabric: Ventile
Lining: Tapped Seams
Closure: Riri Zip
Country of Manufacture: England

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